The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 15, Number 4


pp. 179-180 PDF

Current-dependent inactivation of the cation-selective ion channels formed by peroxiredoxin-6 in lipid bilayers
P.A. Grigoriev and G.C. Holt pp. 181-185 Abstract

Hormesis — a basis for homeostasis in the presence of stressors. An example of hyperthermic stress
N. Mitagvaria, I. Lazrishvili, M. Devdariani, L. Davlianidze, M. Nebieridze, N. Saginadze, I. Kvachakidze, L. Gumberidze and N. Sikharulidze pp. 187-193 Abstract

Helix–coil transition in macromolecules with sequence heterogeneity
S.A. Tonoyan, Z.A. Grigoryan, A.V. Asatryan and Y.S. Mamasakhlisov pp. 195-199 Abstract

Stimulation of calcium phosphate crystal formation by implant surfaces with electret properties
V.V. Starikov, S.L. Starikova, A.G. Mamalis and S.N. Lavrynenko pp. 200-203 Abstract,

Flight crew exposure to bleed air and health effects: what is the problem?
C. van Netten pp. 204-208 Abstract