The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry



Volume 15, Number 4, pp. 187–193





Hormesis — a basis for homeostasis in the presence of stressors. An example of hyperthermic stress

N. Mitagvaria, I. Lazrishvili, M. Devdariani, L. Davlianidze, M. Nebieridze, N. Saginadze, I. Kvachakidze, L. Gumberidze and N. Sikharulidze

I. Beritashvili Centre for Experimental Biomedicine, Tbilisi, Georgia

The hormetic stimulus constitutes a necessary factor for maintaining the biological functions of living systems. This paper examines the nature of hormesis and hormetic stimuli. Hormesis is a dose–response phenomenon in which stressors of any nature (physical, chemical, psychological and others) that can cause harmful effects on biological systems at high doses may result in beneficial effects at low doses. Using the example of results from experiments concerning hyperthermic stress induced in rats by whole body hyperthermia, we describe and discuss a behavioural manifestation of this phenomenon, its disruption and some possible underlying mechanisms.

Keywords: hormesis, stress, white rats, whole body hyperthermia


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