The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry



Volume 14, Number 4, ppp. 117121




Fumes in the aircraft cabin or cockpit: what air treatment technologies are available?

K. Bull

Pall Aerospace Ltd, Southampton Road, Portsmouth PO6 4BQ, England

This article focuses on technologies to purify the cabin air supply on commercial and military aircraft. It provides an overview of typical aircraft cabin air systems, followed by a review of the technologies currently available for aircraft cabin air treatment: disposable carbon adsorbent filters, catalytic converters and nonthermal plasma oxidation. It explains the basic principles of each existing technology and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, it introduces the Pall photocatalytic regenerated adsorber (PCRA) system, which uses a unique combination of adsorbent and catalyst technologies to remove particulate and gaseous contamination from the cabin air supply.


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