The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 7, Number 4


Principles of modularity, regularity, and hierarchy for scalable systems
H. Lipson 125-128 Abstract

How electrostatic interactions can change the kinetic behaviour of a Michaelis-Menten type enzyme. Application to the hyaluronan/hyaluronidase system
H. Lenormand, B. Deschrevel and J.-C. Vincent 129-134 Abstract

Biocontrol of acid phosphatase secretion in 115(1) y Nocardiopsis dassonvillei cells exposed to
surface active substances

M. Gordeziani, I. Atanelishvili, M. Tabatadze, E. Gamtsemlidze and D. Mikeladze 135-139 Abstract

The application of niobium and tantalum oxides for implant surface passivation
V.V. Starikov, S.L. Starikova, A.G. Mamalis, S.N. Lavrynenko and J.J. Ramsden 141-145 Abstract

pH-dependence of the photoelectric response of the M intermediate of bacteriorhodopsin
R. Tóth-Boconádi, S.G. Taneva, L. Fábián, A. Dér and L. Keszthelyi 147-151 Abstract

The role of biology, physics and chemistry in human health

J.J. Ramsden 153-158