The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 4, Number 4


Research Articles

T. Berishvili, M. Gurielidze, Ch. Kakhniachvili and D. Pataraya A study of the vitality of microorganisms capable of degrading 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid as characterized by NO excretion pp. 181-184 Abstract

R. Solomonia, N. Kuchiashvili, A. Berulava, V. Pkhakadze, N. Trapaidze, M. Zhvania,I. Abesadze, H. Kojima and N. Dalakishvili Purification and identification of components of the Aquilegia vulgaris extract fraction exhibiting anti-epileptic activity pp. 185-192 Abstract

M. Gordeziani, M. Tabatadze, I. Atanelishvili and N. Bochorishvili Effect of UV irradiation on several functional characteristics of 115(1) y Nocardiophsis dessonvillei pp. 193-195 Abstract

L. Shanshiashvili, E. Sekoyan and D. Mikeladze Manumycin restores the levels of cortical homocysteine, methionine and cysteine changed in ischaemia-evoked animals pp. 197-200 Abstract

N.-E.L. Saris, V.V. Teplova and P.A. Grigoriev Calmidazolium causes mitochondrial uncoupling by futile cycling: membrane potential-driven uptake and efflux as electroneutral chloride complex pp. 201-207 Abstract

M. Khvedelidze, T. Mdzinarashvili, A. Ivanova, M. Tediashvili, D. Tushishvili and G. Mrevlishvili The influence of pH on thermal and hydrodynamic properties of DDVI phage and on DNA ejection from phage induced by bacterial membrane fragments pp. 209-213 Abstract


J.A. Kereselidze, Z.V. Pachulia, T.Sh. Zarqua and E.J. Churgulia Comparative description of the biologically active derivatives of purine pp. 215-217 Abstract

I.R. Mesropyan and T.V. Burjanadze On the energies of hydrogen bonds in a water-bridged collagen structure pp. 219-220 Abstract