The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 3, Number 3/4


Editorial pp. 76-77

Research Articles and Letters

G. Chkadua and Z. Kometiani Power parameters for the rate equations of enzymes with multiple ligand-binding sites pp. 78-81 Abstract

A. Fernández and K. Rogale Charge screening in confined water: frequency dissection pp. 82-84 Abstract

Z. Kuchukashvili, G. Davitaia, I. Gorozia, G. Kvesitadze, E. Lomidze and G. Khatisashvili Antioxidant characteristics of phenolic compounds of Satureia hortensis pp. 85-88 Abstract


J. Kereselidze and M. Makaridze Quantum-chemical study of some physico-chemical properties and processes of transformation of the amino acids pp. 89-92 Abstract

E. Tsaguria, A. Gakhokidze and M. Gverdtsiteli Theoretical investigation of the Krebs cycle within the scope of quantum chemistry and algebraic chemistry pp. 93-95 Abstract


L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze Some aspects of myelin basic protein pp. 96-99 Abstract


E. Chikoidze Laser beams in medical diagnosis and therapy pp. 100-105

Conference Report

V. Norris, P. Amar, G. Bernot, J-L. Giavitto, C. Godin, J. Guespin, H. Pollard, P. Tracqui and F. Képčs Modelling and simulation of biological processes in the context of genomics p. 106