The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 4, Number 3



p. 138

Research Articles

A. Jeremic, W.-J. Cho and B.P. Jena Membrane fusion: what may transpire at the atomic level pp. 139-142 Abstract

P.A. Grigoriev Electrical inductance properties of lipid bilayers with alamethicin channels pp. 143-144 Abstract

C.J. van Oss, R.F. Giese and A. Docoslis Impact of experimental and instrumental conditions on the measured results of kineticand equilibrium constant determinations involving biopolymers pp. 145-156 Abstract

M.M. Shamtsyan, V.G. Konusova, A.M. Goloshchev, Y.O. Maksimova, A.V. Panchenko,N.N. Petrishchev and N.P. Denisova Immunomodulating and antitumour effects of basidiomycetes Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.: Fr.) P. Kumm. and P. cornucopiae (Pau. ex Pers.) Rollan pp. 158-161 Abstract

G. Khatisashvili, G. Kvesitadze, G. Adamia, N. Gagelidze, L. Sulamanidze, D. Ugrekhelidze, G. Zaalishvili, M. Ghoghoberidze and M. Ramishvili Bioremediation of contaminated soil on the former military locations and proving grounds in Georgia pp. 162-169 Abstract

R. Kublashvili, M. Labartkava and D. Ugrekhelidze N-glycosylation of aminophenols by mannose, rhamnose and maltose pp. 169-173 Abstract

G. Fetter and A. Bóta SAXS and freeze-fracture studies of a lamellar tenside-water system in a shear cellduring thermal treatment pp. 174-178 Abstract