The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 9, Number 2


pp. 59-60

Dynamic trend of energy exchange intensity in the brain under chronic stress
M. Chipasvili, N. Zaalishvili, E. Juravleva, N. Koshoridze and D. Mikeladze pp. 61–64 Abstract

Interpolating moving least squares methods for fitting potential energy surfaces: extrapolation
G.G. Maisuradze pp. 61–64 Abstract

Elaboration of neural network learning method using pattern recognition
O. Verulava, O. Tavdishvili, T. Todua and L Verulava pp. 69–72 Abstract

Optimization of DNA-based screening methods for genetically modified organisms
T. Kutateladze, M. Karseladze, I. Gabriadze and N. Datukishvili pp. 73–76 Abstract

Consequences of an acidic environment for the structural and functional characteristics of DNA
T. Mdzinarashvili, T. Partskhaladze, M. Khvedelidze and T. Lomidze pp. 77–82 Abstract

Biophysical approach to evaluate DNA transfer by PLGA nanoparticles
T. Mdzinarashvili, M. Khvedelidze, T. Partskhaladze, N. Nafee, U.F. Schaefer, C.-M. Lehr and M. Schneider pp. 83–87 Abstract