The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 12, Number 1


pp. 3–6

p. 7

A possible mechanism of anaesthetic action
P. M. Wiggins pp. 8–10 Abstract

Disclosure of the major causes of mental illness—mitochondrial deterioration in brain neurons via opportunistic infection
K. Nishihara pp. 11–18 Abstract

The study of blood serum proteins in patients with mammary gland tumours
J. Monaselidze, T. Tevdoradze, M. Zibzibadze, M. Alibegashvili, L. Ramishvili, M. Gordeziani and N. Kotrikadze pp. 19–22 Abstract

Self-association, sodium ion complexation and optical transition probabilities of caffeic acid determined spectrophotometrically
A. Belay pp. 23–28 Abstract

Book Reviews

Doubt Is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health
by D. Michaels pp. 29–32

The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management
edited by P. Allen, S. Maguire and B. McKelvey pp. 33–36

Whistleblowing for health
G. Sampson pp. 37–43 Abstract

Guidelines for authors
pp. 45-47

Guidelines for illustrations
p. 48