The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 16, Number 4


pp. 159-161 PDF

Macrophages—cells with broad potential
E.O. Tsitsilashvili, L.V. Shanshiashvili and D.G. Mikeladze pp. 162–166 Abstract

Some criteria for the evaluation of endogenous intoxication in men with prostate tumours
L. Ramishvili, M. Zibzibadze, M. Alibegashvili, T. Chigogidze, M. Gordeziani, N. Gabunia, A. Khazaradze and N. Kotrikadze pp. 167–171 Abstract

Novel technology for the fast production of complex nanoliposomes
T. Mdzinarashvili, M. Khvedelidze, E. Shekiladze and R. Machaidze pp. 172–176 Abstract

Calculation of tautomeric equilibrium constants in complementary DNA pairs
Z. Pachulia and J. Kereselidze pp. 177–180 Abstract

Matters Arising

Another estimate of chronic exposure to neurotoxins in aircraft: An appraisal of Mouysset et al., “Expertise sur la qualité de l’air en cabine et au poste de pilotage” (June 2016)
J.J. Ramsden pp. 181–183


Concerning reviews, reviewers, funders and all the rest
A. Hüttenhofer pp. 184–187 Abstract