The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 11, Number 4


p. 130

p. 131

Contaminated aircraft cabin air
S. Michaelis pp. 132–145 Abstract

Exposure of offshore workers to organophosphate-containing engine oil used on aeroderivative gas turbines
H. Erikstein p. 146 Abstract

A critique of recent air sampling data collected on aircraft: how much exposure to neurotoxic fumes is acceptable?
J. Murawski and S. Michaelis pp. 147-151 Abstract

The scientific adequacy of the present state of knowledge concerning neurotoxins in aircraft cabin air
J.J. Ramsden pp. 152–164 Abstract

Exposure to triaryl phosphates: metabolism and biomarkers of exposure
C.E. Furlong pp. 165–171 Abstract

TCP (tricresyl phosphate): pilot, aircrew and passenger safety and secondary myalgic encephalomyelitis
B.M. Hyde pp. 172–179 Abstract

Cognitive function following reported exposure to contaminated air on commercial aircraft: methodological considerations for future researchers
S. Mackenzie Ross, V. Harrison, L. Madeley, K. Davis, K. Abraham-Smith, T. Hughes and O. Mason pp. 180–191 Abstract

Safety delayed is safety denied
D. Zaharik p. 192 Abstract

Administration of a safety system: further lessons from Mt Erebus?
C. Standing pp. 193–200 Abstract

The international crew health survey
D. Passon pp. 201–207 Abstract

Economic consequences of ignorance about aerotoxic syndrome
P. Parsons p. 208 Abstract

Workshop summary and conclusions: human sacrifice–road speed–responsibility–economics
M. Hooper pp. 209–215 Abstract

A conference most revealing: aircraft cabin air quality
G.C. Holt pp. 216–220 Abstract