The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 9, Number 4


pp. 139–140

p. 141

Simulation techniques for the description of smart structures and sensorial materials
M. Lawo, H. Langer, D. Lehmhus, M. Busse, A. Burblies and W. Lang pp. 143–148 Abstract

Development of a method to simulate injury mechanisms in motorcycle crashes
I. Symeonidis, G. Kavadarli, C. Brenna, Z. Zhao, F. Fraga, L. van Rooij, E. Schuller and S. Peldschus pp. 149–154 Abstract

Computational modelling and simulations for pregnant occupant safety
B.S. Acar and V. Esat pp. 155–160 Abstract

Development of a hyperlastic finite element tool for modelling surgery of complex organs (membrane and underlying tissues)
H. Daanouni and Y. Tillier pp. 161–166 Abstract

On liver modelling under trauma situations
C. Conte, C. Masson, N. Cheynel and P.-J. Arnoux pp. 167–170 Abstract

Virtual trauma of petrous bone under lateral impact: from medical images to fracture process evaluation
M. Montava, S. Bidal, J.-P. Lavieille, P.-J. Arnoux and C. Brunet pp. 171–173 Abstract

Characterization of aortic tissue fracture toughness and stiffness under cyclic fatigue loading
B. Chu, R. Mongrain and J.-C. Tardif pp. 174–176 no abstract

Non-Newtonian and transient effects on wall shear stress within a stented artery
J. Mejia, R. Mongrain, R. Leask and O.F. Bertrand pp. 177–182 Abstract

Finite element simulation of humeral intramedullary nailing: the case of torsion loading
V. Astier, P.-J. Arnoux, L. Thollon, F. Mouret and C. Brunet pp. 183–187 Abstract

Personalized finite element model of a cementless femoral stem. A preliminary study
V. Barbour, A. Courvoisier, M. Thourot, D. Mitton and W. Skalli pp. 189–197 Abstract

Notching in the anterior femur with use of femoral stem—a finite element study
A. Completo, N. Tavares, C. Relvas, A. Ramos, F. Fonseca and J.A. Simões pp. 199–202 Abstract

Windscreen material characterization based on experimental data
F. Coulongeat, R.W.G. Anderson, A.D. Long and T. Serre pp. 203–209 Abstract

Influence of mesh density on a finite element model’s response under dynamic loading
S. Roth, J. Oudry, M. El Rich and H. Shakourzadeh pp. 210–219 Abstract