The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 6, Number 4


Unusual actinomycetes from various types of soils in Georgia
D. Pataraya, M.Gurielidze, T. Berishvili, N. Cholokava, R. Ckvedelidze, T. Urushadze and E. Kvesitadze 149 Abstract

Catalytic activity of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase in water-sugar solutions
A.-K. Bordbar, M. Miroliaei and V. Ravanmehr 155 Abstract

The study of the biodegradational potency of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms
M. Kikvidze, L. Basilashvili, M. Bagalishvili and N. Nutsubidze 159 Abstract

Molecular mechanisms of microwave interactions with model ion channels
P.A. Grigoriev and T.V. Pashovkin 163 Abstract

The analysis of wrong G-C pairs induced by the ions of transition metals and
H3O+ in DNA
V. Bregadze and K. Tsakadze 167 Abstract

Possibility of using side chain orientation-based threading potential in fold recognition
B. Vishnepolsky, G. Managadze and M. Pirtskhalava 171 Abstract