The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 22, Number 3/4


pp. 35-38 PDF

Exploring neuroscience at the nanoscale
J.J. Ramsden pp. 39-41 Abstract

Investigation of changed conditional stimulus parameters on memory formation during avoidance behaviour in rats
T. Shetekauri, N. Tkemaladze, M. Aphrosidze, T. Charekishvili, N. Tsertsvadze, T. Oniani and N. Oniani pp. 42-45 Abstract

The impact of sleep deprivation on the endocrine system of adolescents
G. Iukuridze, K. Peikrishvili, N. Berdzenishvili and M. Davitashvili pp. 46-48 Abstract

Nitric oxide-induced cellular stress
J. Bator, J. Varga and J. Szeberenyi pp. 49-51 Abstract

Sigma-1 receptor could participate in Rac-dependent oncogenesis through modulation of macrophage activity
N. Natsvlishvili, L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze pp. 52-54 Abstract

Natural humoral immunity to SARS-CoV-2
S. Abuladze, K. Shainidze, M. Sikharulidze, N. Baramidze, N. Basiladze, M. Nagervadze and L. Akhvlediani pp. 55-56 Abstract

Erythrocyte A1 and A2 antigens in blood donors
Sh. Gabaidze, I. Tsintsadze, M. Nagervadze and L. Akhvlediani pp. 57-58 Abstract

Influence of myelin basic protein charge isomers on IL-33 and galectin-3 expression in astrocytes
M. Chikviladze, N. Mamulashvili, L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze pp. 59-60 Abstract

Inflammation in astrocytes
N. Mamulashvili, M. Chikviladze, L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze pp. 61-62 Abstract

EEG characteristics of patients with CNS disorder studied using the EEGHUB.GE database
I. Khachidze pp. 63-64 Abstract