The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 2, Number 3/4



Defining the rŮle of JBPC pp. 75-76


P. Grigoriev Unified carrier-channel model of ion transfer across lipid bilayer membranes pp. 77-79 Abstract

Research Articles and Letters

N. Tkemaladze On the problems of an automated system of pattern recognition with learning pp. 80-84 Abstract

M. Rukhadze, M. Alexishvili, M. Gonashvili and N. Sidamonidze Influence of dose on the pharmacokinetics of promethazine in rabbits. Comparison of pharmacokinetics of promethazine and chlorpromazine pp. 85-88 Abstract

L. Gulua, G. Pruidze, N. Mchedlishvili, N. Omiadze and N. Pruidze A novel catechol reductase catalytic activity of tea leaf phenol oxidase pp. 89-94 Abstract

J. Kereselidze and E. Churgulia Quantitative studies of proton transfer in the adenine-thymine complementary pair pp. 95-97 Abstract

A. Fernández and M. Boland What is inherently wrong with the prion structure? pp. 98-100 Abstract

A. Colomer-Pallas, M.-F. Petit-Glatron and R. Chambert In vitro analysis of aggregation-disaggregation of the folding intermediate of Bacillus subtilis α-amylase pp. 101-107 Abstract

K. Batcioglu, I.C. Ozturk, S. Atalay, D. Dogan, N. Bayri and H. Demirtas Investigation of time dependent magnetic field effects on superoxide dismutase and catalase activity: an in vitro study pp. 108-112 Abstract

Conference Proceedings

Guest Editor: G. Kvesitadze Proceedings of the STCU Workshop on Ecological and Health Threats Associated with Environmental Contamination pp. 113-125

Technology Spotlight

C. Elberling About the VoiceFinder pp. 126-129

Correspondence and Matters Arising

H. Matthews Letter to the Editor p. 130

Reviews of Books

pp. 131-132