The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 16, Number 3


pp. 123-125 PDF

Properties of magnetron hydroxyapatite coatings deposited on oxidized substrates
V.V. Starikov, A.V. Kostuchenko, S.L. Starikova, A.G. Mamalis and S.N. Lavrynenko pp. 126–130 Abstract

Disastrous performance of NanoCote/Aqua Based antimicrobial paint in a hospital setting
J.J. Ramsden, M. Reid, V. Whatley and S.J. Dancer pp. 131–136 Abstract, PDF

Manganese loading induces mouse-killing behaviour in nonaggressive rats
I. Lazrishvili, T. Bikashvili, L. Gelazonia and N. Mitagvaria pp. 137–141 Abstract


A private researcher’s struggles against research fraud. I. A case study
W. Courtney pp. 142-156 Abstract