The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 15, Number 3


pp. 83-88 PDF

Glyphosate nontoxicity: the genesis of a scientific fact
M. Cuhra pp. 89-96 Abstract

Cancer and detrimental reproductive effects in an Argentine agricultural community environmentally exposed to glyphosate (Cáncer y trastornos reproductivos en una población agrícola argentina expuesta a glifosato)
M. Avila-Vazquez, A. Etchegoyen, E. Maturano and L. Ruderman pp. 97-110 Abstract

Why glyphosate is not the issue with Roundup
G.-E. Séralini pp. 111-119 Abstract

Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases IV: cancer and related pathologies
A. Samsel and S. Seneff pp. 121-159 Abstract, PDF


The sixth mass extinction and chemicals in the environment: our environmental deficit is now beyond nature’s ability to regenerate
R.A. Mason pp. 160-176 Abstract