The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 14, Number 3


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Autoantibody markers of neural degeneration are associated with post-mortem histopathological alterations of a neurologically injured pilot
M.B. Abou-Donia, F.R.W. van de Goot and M.F.A. Mulder pp. 34–53 Abstract

Properties of ion channels formed by peroxiredoxin-6 in the lipid bilayers: cluster channel inactivation
P.A. Grigoriev, M.G. Sharapov and V.I. Novoselov pp. 54–56 Abstract

Different isoforms of deiminated myelin basic protein have different adsorption capacities to the myelin lipids
L.V. Shanshiashvili, I.V. Kalandadze, J.J. Ramsden and D.G. Mikeladze pp. 57–63 Abstract

Allele frequencies for 19 autosomal STR loci of two ethnic groups of Georgia and their use for personal identity testing in forensic medicine
N. Chikovani, T. Aphakidze and M. Bostoganashvili pp. 64–70 Abstract

The potential rτle of aircraft cabin aerial dust for transporting semivolatile organic contaminants into the lungs
J.J. Ramsden pp. 71–74 Abstract

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Research integrity and the ethics of benefaction
G.R. Evans pp. 77–80