The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 13, Number 3


pp. 75-76 PDF

Interaction of lysozyme amyloid fibrils with Langmuir monolayers
A. Yudintseva, V. Trusova, G. Gorbenko, R. Volinsky, R. Sood and P. Kinnunen pp. 7784 Abstract

Effect of anions and medium pH on the formation of ZnS micro- and nanoparticles from thiourea solutions
D.S. Sofronov, N.N. Kamneva, A.V. Bulgakova, P.V. Mateychenko, V.N. Baumer, K.N. Belikov, V.A. Chebanov, S.N. Lavrynenko and A.G. Mamalis pp. 8589 Abstract

Effect of magnetite nanoparticles on symbiotic nitrogen fixation and growth of soybean plants
M.R. Ghalamboran and K. Khavazi pp. 9095 Abstract


The postmodern university, research and media studies
F. Webster pp. 96104 Abstract

Book Review

Innovative Thinking in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management
edited by S. BENNETT pp. 105107