The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 12, Number 3


pp. 87-88

Endogenous human plasma catalytic bioscavengers for organophosphorus compounds do not protect against the toxicity of chemicals implicated in aerotoxic syndrome: an in vitro study
P. Masson, L.M. Schopfer, A. Saxena, J. Mikler and O. Lockridge pp. 89–97 Abstract

Lung injury following hydrocarbon inhalation in aircrew
J. Burdon pp. 98–102 Abstract

Extremely high altitude hypoxic conditions during Mount Everest expeditions, residence at South Pole stations, in Tibet and among the Andes: Van Slyke equation modification is crucially important for acid–base measurements
G. Zubieta-Calleja Jr, P.-E. Paulev, J.N. Mehrishi and G. Zubieta-Castillo Sr pp. 103–112 Abstract

Mg-dependent HCO3-ATPase is a P-type transporting ATPase
L. Tsakadze, M. Leladze, S. Dzneladze and Z. Kometiani pp. 113–115 Abstract

Influence of pretreatment of cellulose substrate on the quality of hydrolysis of plant biomass
I. Dzalamidze, N. Zakariashvili, L. Kutateladze, T. Urushadze, R. Khvedelidze, T. Aleksidze, M. Jobava and T. Torok pp. 117–119 Abstract

The Lambda Limit: the incompletability of science
G. Hunt pp. 121–128 Abstract