The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 10, Number 3


p. 83

A proposed increase in the retinal field-of-view may lead to spatial shifts in images
R. Doshi and P.J.R. Day pp. 85–90 Abstract

Asymmetry between alpha wave and NK cell changes during forehead light exposure
T. Kamei, Y. Toriumi, S. Yamaguchi, H. Kumano and S. Jimbo pp. 91–95 Abstract

Toluene induced changes in excitatory amino acid metabolism during the sleep–wakefulness cycle
G.G. Beradze, L.V. Shanshiashvili, I.S. Chogovadze, I.V. Kalandadze, N.T. Oniani, J.J. Ramsden and D.G. Mikeladze pp. 96–101 Abstract

Influence of artificial acid precipitation on photosynthesis, total activity of growth regulators and starch content in the seeds of some endemic species of Georgian wheat
L. Rapava, G. Badridze, S. Chanishvili, M. Kikvidze and T. Barblishvili pp. 102–107 Abstract

Theoretical investigation of Gakhokidze’s rearrangment of carbohydrates within the scope of mathematical chemistry and quantum chemistry
G. Kvesitadze, K.T. Kupatadze and M.I. Gvertsiteli pp. 108–110 Abstract

Ranking banks, and classifying national banking systems according to their cybernetic efficiency
J.J. Ramsden, C. Figueira and J.G. Nellis pp. 111–119 Abstract