The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 9, Number 3


pp. 91–92

Emergence of pregenetic coding in a prebiotic ecology
D. Raine and S. Symons pp. 77–82 Abstract

A mathematical analysis of stenosis geometry, NMR magnetization and signals based on the Bloch NMR flow equations, and Bessel and Boubaker polynomial expansions
M. Dada, O.B. Awojoyogbe, F.O. Moses, O.S. Ojambati, D.K. De and K. Boubaker pp. 101–106 Abstract

The anatomical structure of leaves and the contents of anthocyanins and phenols in herbaceous plants from different altitudes of the Minor Caucasus
E. Chkhubianishvili, N. Kacharava, G. Badridze, Sh. Chanishvili and T. Kurdadze pp. 107–111 Abstract

The influence of hexamminecobalt(III) on DNA melting thermodynamic parameters and condensed DNA melting
G. Gogoladze, K. Tsakadze and G. Mrevlishvili pp. 113–118 Abstract

Chitosan–hydroxyapatite composite biomaterials made by a one step co-precipitation method: preparation, characterization and in vivo tests
S.N. Danilchenko, O.V. Kalinkevich, M.V. Pogorelov, A.N. Kalinkevich, A.M. Sklyar, T.G. Kalinichenko, V.Y. Ilyashenko, V.V. Starikov, V.I. Bumeyster, V.Z. Sikora, L.F. Sukhodub, A.G. Mamalis, S.N. Lavrynenko and J.J. Ramsden pp. 119–126 Abstract

Binding mechanism of the anticancerogenic metalloporphyrin Cu(II)TOEPyP(4) to DNA in vitro
J.R. Monaselidze, S.V. Barbakadze, M.T. Kiladze, M.Z. Gorgoshidze, D.G. Khachidze and G.V. Majagaladze pp. 127–129 Abstract


Procedures used in modern cell biology ignore natural laws

H. Hillman pp. 130–135 Abstract