The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 8, Number 3


Editorial 71

Intensification of mineral oil degradation process in soil by the introduction of Rhodococcus sp. strains
L. Amiranashvili, N. Gagelidze, L. Tinikashvili, Kh. Varsimashvili, E. Kirtadze, T. Torok and G. Kvesitadze 73-77 Abstract

Supercooled water in the roots of annual plants
Sh. Gogichaishvili, V. Sokhadze, E. Kiziria and N. Bakradze 79-83 Abstract

Quantum-chemical modelling of the mechanism of pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis
J. Kereselidze and Z. Pachulia 85-88 Abstract

DNA as a Darwinian self-replicator
P.M. Wiggins 89–93 Abstract


Do we need a scientific revolution? N. Maxwell 95–105 Abstract