The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 6, Number 3


F.C. Hartley 111

A novel concept for the manufacture of individual sapphire-metallic hip joint endoprostheses
A.G. Mamalis, J.J. Ramsden, A.I. Grabchenko, L.A. Lytvynov, V.A. Filipenko and S.N. Lavrynenko 113 Abstract

A cellular bioassay for TNT detection using engineered Pseudomonas sp. strain TM101
for systematic bioremediation
H. Asakawa, T. Maeda, H.I. Ogawa and T. Haruyama 119 Abstract

Nano-assembled thin film gas sensors. I. Ammonia detection by a porphyrin-based multilayer film
S.O. Korposh, N. Takahara, J.J. Ramsden, S-W. Lee, and T. Kunitake 125 Abstract

Gene expression: understanding and application
P.J. Warner 133 Abstract

Evaluation of sequential, multi-objective, and parallel interactive genetic algorithms for multi-objective optimization problems
A.M. Brintrup, H. Takagi, A. Tiwari and J.J. Ramsden 137 Abstract