The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry



Volume 21, Number 2, pp. 53-58




Towards a new standard test method for the antimicrobial activity of photocatalytic surfaces

Jeremy J. Ramsden

Clore Laboratory, The University of Buckingham, MK18 1EG, UK

ISO standard 27447 (first issued in 2009, updated in 2019) is widely used to assess the antibacterial activity of semiconducting photocatalytic materials. The original version was unsatisfactory in several significant respects, which have not been remedied in the update. Apart from specific deficiencies, it is cumbersome and the ratio of information yielded to effort expended is low. A more straightforward procedure is outlined in this paper. It can readily be extended to the assessment of antiviral and antifungal activity.

Keywords: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, semiconductor, titanium dioxide, ISO 27447


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