The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 18, Number 2


pp. 63-66 PDF

Bodily distress syndrome: Concerns about scientific credibility in research and implementation
D. O’Leary pp. 67–77 Abstract

Evolution of glyphosate resistance: is the rhizosphere microbiome a key factor?
M. Cuhra pp. 78–93 Abstract

Modeling the allosteric effect in visual rhodopsin due to phosphorylation
N. Vasilieva-Vashakmadze, G. Lekishvili, P. Toidze and R. Gakhokidze pp. 94–98 Abstract

Some new aspects of metabotropic glutamate receptors
E. Tsitsilashvili, L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze pp. 99–105 Abstract

The issue of calculation of activation energy
Z.V. Pachulia pp. 106–110 Abstract