The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 17, Number 2


pp. 43-46 PDF

Can bacteria develop resistance to photocatalytically generated reactive oxygen species?
J.J. Ramsden pp. 47–51 Abstract

Can glyphosate’s disruption of the gut microbiome and induction of sulfate deficiency explain the epidemic in gout and associated diseases in the industrialized world?
S. Seneff, N.J. Causton, G.L. Nigh, G. Koenig and D. Avalon pp. 53–76 Abstract PDF

Children with epilepsy and autistic spectrum disorders show similarly high levels of urinary p-cresol
G. Tevzadze, L. Shanshiashvili and D. Mikeladze pp. 77–80 Abstract


A private researcher’s struggles against research fraud.
II. Suggestions for reducing the fraud problem
W. Courtney pp. 81–88 Abstract