The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 16, Number 2


pp. 87-89 PDF

Features of medical implant passivation using anodic oxide films
V.V. Starikov, S.L. Starikova, A.G. Mamalis and S.N. Lavrynenko pp. 90–94 Abstract

An estimate of the chronic exposure to neurotoxins of a neurologically injured pilot
Jeremy J. Ramsden pp. 95–102 Abstract

Mathematical–chemical investigation of DNA bases
R. Gakhokidze and M. Gverdtsiteli pp. 103–104 Abstract, Supplementary Material

Converging pattern of glyphosate toxicity from farm to clinic to laboratory studies
E. Sirinathsinghji pp. 105-117 Abstract

Matters Arising
C.V. Howard pp. 118-119