The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 15, Number 2


pp. 39-40 PDF

Structural dependence above unicellular levels is exploited to evolve multicellularity
A. Fernandez Stigliano pp. 41-44 Abstract

Decreased expression of CD47 and CD55 surface molecules on density-based subsets of red cells of β-thalassaemia intermedia patients compared to red cells of healthy blood donors
A. Risso, E. Mansutti and J.N. Mehrishi pp. 45-53 Abstract

Time course of purple membrane bending during the photocycle of bacteriorhodopsins
R. Tóth-Boconádi and L. Keszthelyi pp. 55-62 Abstract

Theoretical study of the adsorption behaviour of 4-mercaptopyridine on silver nanoparticles
M. Pousti, M. Abbaszadeh, F. Kiani and F. Koohyar pp. 63-67 Abstract

Reticulo-hippocampal relations and memory consolidation
L.R. Kvirkvelia, G.O. Khikhadze and M.Y. Chkhetiani pp. 69-72 Abstract

Solvent effects on acidic dissociation constants of cytidine 5'-monophosphate using ab initio methods
F. Kiani and A. Halimi pp. 73-77 Abstract

Book Review

10% Human
A. COLLEN pp. 78-80