The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 11, Number 2


Editorial: The meaning of research
pp. 4749

Quantum-chemical modelling of the tendency of DNA to denaturation
J. Kereselidze, Z. Pachulia and M. Kvaraia pp. 5153 Abstract

Characterization of the antioxidant system of rat blood and cardiomyocytes under stress conditions
K. Menabde, Z. Kuchukashvili, M. Koshoridze, G. Burjanadze, M. Mikadze and N. Koshoridze pp. 5459 Abstract

Theoretical investigation of the isomerization of glucose into fructose within the scope of mathematical and quantum chemistry
K.T. Kupatadze, R.A. Gakhokidze, J.A. Kereselidze and M.I. Gverdtsiteli pp. 6062 Abstract

TGreat medical discoveries of the 21st century. Part I: Revitalizing stagnant medicine by establishing energy-based bioscience. Disclosure of the aetiological factors of three major intractable maladies at the subcellular level: immune diseases, carcinoma and mental illness
K. Nishihara pp. 6385 Abstract

Open-type microchamber for microsurgery and nanosurgery of a single cell using high-resolution microscopy
V. A. Nikitin, P. A. Grigoriev and M.G. Nikitina pp. 8690 Abstract

Letter to the Editor
p. 91