The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 10, Number 2


pp. 51–52

Quantification of the number of adsorbed bacteria on an optical waveguide
Y.-P. Yeh and J.J. Ramsden pp. 53–54 Abstract

Fluorescence study of interactions between a europium coördination complex and model membranes
A. Yudintsev, V. Trusova, G. Gorbenko, T. Deligeorgiev, A. Vasilev, S. Kaloianova and N. Lesev pp. 55–62 Abstract

Excitation profiles of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering for b-carotene
G.G. Maisuradze pp. 63–66 Abstract

Influence of conditions of preparation on the thermal stability of PLGA nanoparticles
M. Khvedelidze, T. Mdzinarashvili, E. Sarukhanyan, T. Partskhaladze, N. Nafee, U.F. Schaefer and M. Schneider pp. 67–70 Abstract

Quantum-chemical description of the influence of electronic effects of proton transfer in guanine–cytosine base pairs
T. Zarqua, J. Kereselidze and Z. Pachulia pp. 71–73 Abstract

The simplified periodic table: elements ordered by their subshells
R. Alper pp. 74–80 Abstract