The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 7, Number 2, p.p. 71–74

Beneficial effect of combined administration of different detergents and UV radiation on the stability of 115(1) y Nocardiopsis dassonvillei

M. Gordeziani,* I. Atanelishvili and M. Tabatadze

Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Institute of Biology, I. Javakhishvili State University, 9 University Ave, 0128 Tbilisi, Georgia

The stability of 115(1) y Nocardiopsis dassonvillei cells subjected to various injurious factors have been investigated. Different pattern–growth stimulation/inhibition of viable cells have been revealed in culture medium containing ionic and non-ionic detergents. It has been found that a very small concentration of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) (10–7 M) and 30 min incubation time is sufficient for destruction of the microörganisms. The viability of 115(1) y Nocardiopsis dassonvillei cells was correlated with the amount of secreted proteins, the activity of acid phosphatase and the intensity of peroxidation. Finally, the 115(1) y Nocardiopsis dassonvillei cell stability was tested under the combined action of UV radiation and SDS. The minimal concentration of detergent, and the optimal incubation time and UV dose have been established in order to develop approaches for the regulation of exogenous active metabolite content in the culture medium along with practical implementation of the results obtained.

Keywords: biodeterioration, cell stability, detergents, UV radiation

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