The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 7, Number 2, p.p. 59–63

Regulation of Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase activity by inositol-specific lectin isolated from synaptic vesicle membranes

Nana Koshoridze,* Nino Surgulagze and Ketevan Menabde

Department of Biology, I. Javakhishvili State University, 2 University St, 0128 Tbilisi, Georgia

The action of the inositol-specific BVL-I lectin isolated from brain synaptic vesicles on the Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase activity of the neural actomyosin-like contractile protein has been investi¬gated. We found that Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase activity occurred within the range 0.004–0.5 mM of calcium, maximal activity was observed at a concentration of 0.5 mM Ca2+, while further increase of concentration (2.5–10 mM) reduced the activity. In the presence of different concentrations of lectin (2 and 20 μg/mL), the character of the activity shows no significant change, although the enzyme’s activity is considerably increased compared with the control experiments. The data suggest that BVL-I lectin could participate in the various transport processes, including translocation of synaptic vesicle and exocytosis of neurotransmitters

Keywords: actomyosin-like protein, Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase, lectin, synaptic vesicles

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