The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 6, Number 2


M. Shushanyan, R. Sujashvili, E. Tabuashvili, M. Makharadze, G. Getashvili and D.E. Khoshtariya Kinetic and thermodynamic manifestations of the thermally-induced molten-globule-like state of α-chymotrypsin pp. 51-56 Abstract

L. Shioshvili, T. Jariashvili and Z. Kometiani The influence of noradrenaline on the Na,K-ATPase system electrogenicity pp. 57-62 Abstract

Z. Kuchukashvili, N. Avaliani, D. Mchedlishvili and G. Davitaia Antioxidant and radical scavenging activity of flavonoid extract from Satureja hortensis L pp. 63-66 Abstract

S. Zare, H. Sedghi, S. Alivandi and A.G. Ebadi Effects of a 50 Hz magnetic field on some factors of the immune system in male guinea pigs pp. 67-70 Abstract

D. Ugrekhelidze and V. Ugrekhelidze Does polyphenol oxidase catalyse the primary hydroxylation of absorbed benzene in tea leaves? pp. 71-76 Abstract

L. Peng, Ye. Domanov, V. Ioffe, A. Finashin and G. Gorbenko Interaction of a series of fluorescent probes with glucose oxidase pp. 77-82 Abstract

A. Kawano and G.G. Maisuradze Reducing the computational cost of ab initio potential energy calculations by using a dual-level approach pp. 83-90 Abstract

Technical Note

G. Machaidze and A. Lustig SEGAL, a semi-automatic program for fitting sedimentation equilibrium patterns from analytical ultracentrifugation pp. 91-102 Abstract PDF

Conference Report

A.R. Thierry, F. Kepes, P. Amar, G. Barlovatz, G. Bernot, M. Beurton-Aimar, M. Dutreix, J.-L. Giavitto, J. Guespin, J.-P. Mazat, V. Norris, V. Schafter, P. Tracqui, C. Godin and F. Molina Modelling of complex biological systems in the context of genomics: an account of a multidisciplinary thematic seminar held in Montpellier (France) in April 2005 pp. 103-107