The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 4, Number 2


Research Articles

J. Tabony, N. Glade, C. Papaseit and J. Demongeot
Microtubule self-organization as an example of the development of order in living systems pp. 50-63 Abstract

F. Fages, S. Soliman and N. Chabrier-Rivier
Modelling and querying interaction networks in the biochemical abstract machine BIOCHAM pp. 64-73 Abstract

A. Dornier, L. Busoni, K. Zeldovich, B. Guirao, G. Robin, G. Cappello and J. Prost
Kinesin step without external force takes less than 70 microseconds pp. 74-78 Abstract

P. Amar, G. Bernot and V. Norris
HSIM: a simulation programme to study large assemblies of proteins pp. 79-84 Abstract

W. Banzhaf and P. D. Kuo
Network motifs in natural and artificial transcriptional regulatory networks pp. 85-94 Abstract

P. Ballet, A. Zemirline and L. Marcé
The BioDyn language and simulator. Application to an immune response and E. coli and phage interaction pp. 93-101 Abstract

N. Férey, P.E. Gros, J. Hérisson and R. Gherbi
Exploration by visualization of numerical and textual genomic data pp. 102-110 Abstract

B.C. Goodwin
The dynamic geometry of developing organisms pp. 111-114 Abstract

P. Mentré
Interfacial water: a modulator of biological activity pp. 115-123 Abstract

V. Norris, P. Amar, G. Bernot, A. Delaune, C. Derue, A. Cabin-Flaman, M. Demarty, Y. Grondin, G. Legent, C. Monnier, H. Pollard and D. Raine
Questions for cell cyclist pp. 124-130 Abstract

Conference Report

F. Képès, P. Amar, G. Barlovatz, G. Bernot, C. Froidevaux, J.-L. Giavitto, J. Guespin, F. Molina, V. Norris, V. Schchter & P. Tracqui
Modelling and simulating biological processes in the genomic era: an account of a multidisciplinary thematic school held in Evry (France) in April 2004 pp. 131