The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 3, Number 2


Research Articles

J.-C. Vincent, T. Asteriou  and B. Deschrevel Kinetics of hyaluronan hydrolysis catalysed by hyaluronidase.
Determination of the initial reaction rate and the kinetic parameters pp. 35-44 Abstract

M. Kurashvili, M. Pruidze, E. Kiskeidze, T. Varazashvili, T. Ananiashvili, G. Khatisashvili and M. Gordeziani nfluence of different factors on nitrobenzene oxidation in the plant cell pp. 45-49 Abstract

A. Zedginidze, Kh. Gvimradze, M. Antelava, L. Shanshiashvili, D. Dzneladze, N. Zakariadze and D. Mikeladze Correlation between acrocentric chromosome association and the level of p53 in people exposed to low doses of radioactivity pp. 50-53 Abstract

L.G. Aptsiauri, T.G. Andronikashvili, T.V. Butkhuzi and M.M. Sharvashidze Intrinsic defect hole conductivity obtained by ion implantation in ZnS and ZnO pp. 55-59 Abstract


P.D. Patel and G. Weber Electrophoresis in free fluid: a review of technology and agrifood applications pp. 60-64

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