The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 22, Number 1/2


pp. 3-6 PDF

Cereulide-a valinomycin-like peptide-contained in commercial beverages constitutes a public health hazard
P.A. Grigori pp. 7-8 Abstract

A review of recent developments in quantum thermodynamics and a proposal for redefining entropy as a process, to facilitate reconciling quantum mechanics and relativity
Stephen J. Palmer pp. 9-20 Abstract

Once more about the issue of calculating activation energy
Z.V. Pachulia pp. 21-24 Abstract

Easy-to-use plasma sterilizer based on dielectric barrier discharge
A.V. Taran, I.E. Garkusha, A.S. Lozina, O.G. Chechelnitskij and A.G. Mamalis pp. 25-28 Abstract

Guidelines for authors pp. 29-31
Guidelines for illustrations p. 32