The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 2, Issue 1/2


Research Articles

M. Pirtskhalava, B. Vishnepolsky and G. Managadze A new method for the automatic determination of cores in proteins pp. 1-6 Abstract

L. Shanshiashvili, B. Pichkhadze, G. Machaidze, J. J. Ramsden and D. Mikeladze Myelin basic protein peptide 45-89 induces the release of nitric oxide from microglial cells pp. 7-11 Abstract

A. Fernández Folding proteins in an environment-sensitive lattice pp. 12-18 Abstract

G. Chkadua, E. Nozadze, M. Leladze and Z. Kometiani Na+ and K+ activation mechanism for the Na,K-ATPase system in an excess of Mg2+ ions pp. 19-24 Abstract

P. M. Wiggins Enzyme reactions and two-state water pp. 25-37 Abstract

V. Ugrekhelidze Detoxification of phenol by common duckweed (Lemna minor L.) pp. 38-41 Abstract

N. Kacharava, S. Chanishvili and G. Badridze Influence of solar ultraviolet radiation on leaf anatomy and pigment content in maple and ash pp. 42-46 Abstract

T. Berishvili, M. Garuchava, Ch. Kakhniashvili and D. Pataraya Physico-chemical characterization and identification of 2.4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid transformation products in soil microorganisms pp. 47-52 Abstract

T. Butkhuzi, Z. Kuchukashvili, M. Sharvashidze,G. Natsvlishvili and V. Gurabanidze Cytodiagnostics on intact pollen using photoluminescence pp. 53-55 Abstract

Z.V. Pachulia and J. A. Kereselidze Quantum-chemical study of the hydration process of fumaric acid pp. 55-58 Abstract

M. Gordeziani, M. Tabatadze, N. Bochorishvili and L. Zuroshvili Effect of ionic and nonionic detergents on the intensity of peroxidation in 115(1) y Nocardiophsis dessonvillei culture medium pp. 59-61 Abstract

Conference Report

F. Képès, F. Delaplace, J.-M. Delosme, J. Guespin, R. Incitti and V. Norris Modelling and simulating biological processes in the genomic era pp. 62-66


W. Wirth The end of the scientific manuscript? pp. 67-71

Guidelines to authors pp. 72