The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 15, Number 1


pp. 3-4 PDF

Ethanol intoxication and remediation with antioxidants in vitro
D.P. Museridze, I.K. Svanidze, L.G. Gegenava and N.N. Gvinadze pp. 58 Abstract

Blood cell deformation after blood loss
M. Mantskava, N. Momtselidze and L. Davlianidze pp. 911 Abstract

Recognition of neutral facial expression in the Georgian population: a preliminary report
M. Makashvili, V. Otkhozoria, N. Kaishauri, G. Memanishvili and G. Imerlishvili pp. 1214 Abstract

High resolution detail of differences between the exocrine pancreas porosome and the neuronal porosome
M. Suciu, C. Craciun and L. Barbu-Tudoran pp. 15-18 Abstract


Truth, belief and consensus: the manufacture of artificial consensuses is becoming the prerogative of an emerging datocracy
D. Cross pp. 19-31 Abstract

Guidelines for authors
pp. 3335

Guidelines for illustrations
p. 36