The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 13, Number 1


pp. 3-4

Interactions of phloretin and quercetin with lipid bilayers studied by a simplified method of second harmonics of the membrane current
P.A. Grigoriev pp. 5–8 Abstract

Provisional theory of nanoscale water dielectrics
A. Fernández Stigliano pp. 9–11 Abstract

Involvement of potassium channel in AQP1-mediated water and gas transport in erythrocytes
S.G. Jena pp. 12–17 Abstract

Epidemiology of dizziness
M. Cherchi pp. 18–29 Abstract

The hetero-association of caffeine with 5-caffeoylquinic acid and ethidium bromide
A. Belay pp. 30–35 Abstract

Steric effects in the interaction between transmembrane proteins and polyunsaturated phospholipids
Kh. Kachlishvili and J.T. Brenna pp. 36–44 Abstract

Guidelines for authors
pp. 45–47

Guidelines for illustrations
p. 48