The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 11, Number 1


pp. 3–5

Memory effects in the fast substates system of alamethicin channels
P.A. Grigoriev pp. 6–10 Abstract

Quasi-continuous illumination of bacteriorhodopsins: absorbance and electric current
R. Tóth-Boconádi, S.G. Taneva and L. Keszthelyi pp. 11–17 Abstract

A physical model of neuroreceptor functioning
N.S. Vassilieva-Vashakmadze, R.A. Gakhokidze* and D.T. Vashakmadze-Veronese pp. 18–25 Abstract

Thermal characteristics of the blood of children with bronchopneumonia: a DSC study
J. Monaselidze, D. Khachidze, M. Gorgoshidze, M. Kiladze and E. Lomidze pp. 26–29 Abstract

The application of fullerene C60 for the modification of an anticancer vaccine based on metabolism products of Bacillus subtilis 7025
G.V. Didenko, L.V. Sorokina, Eu.G. Shpak, O.A. Golub, O.G. Lysenko, G.P. Potebnya and A.G. Mamalis pp. 30–35 Abstract

A simple method for the detection of melamine in milk powder using high performance liquid chromatography
F. Ansari, M. Mazaheri, N.H. Beygi and F. Alizadeh pp. 41–43 Abstract

Guidelines for authors
p. 44