The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 9, Number 1


Peer review: proposals and papers are in different categories
J. J. Ramsden 3

Emergent properties in biological systems as a result of competition between internal and external dynamics
B. Laforge 5–9 Abstract

A 3D mechanical model of the early mammalian embryo
L. Le Guillou, N. Dard, J. Glisse, B. Maro, S. Louvet-Vallée and B. Laforge 11–16 Abstract

A multiscale agent-based model for the simulation of avascular tumour growth
J. Lepagnot and G. Hutzler 17–25 Abstract

Investigating oxido-reduction kinetics using protein dynamics
N. Parisey and M. Beurton-Aimar 27–35 Abstract

MorphoBlock Programming: a way to model and simulate morphogenesis of multicellular organisms
P. Ballet, S. Tripodi and V. Rodin 37–44 Abstract

Towards self-modelling of metabolic pathways
C. Bernon, D. Capera, J.-P. Mano, S. Videau and C. Régis 45–52 Abstract

Guidelines for authors 53

Guidelines for illustrations 56