The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 8, Number 1


Rôle of sugar osmolytes in the stabilization of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase during heat stress
V. Ravanmehr, A.-K. Bordbar, M. Miroliaei and A. Taheri-Kafrani 3-12 Abstract

Rat brain creatine kinase and succinate dehydrogenase activity changes during chronic stress
M. Chipashvili, K. Menabde, N Zaalishvili, E. Juravliova and N. Koshoridze 13-16 Abstract

Interpolated moving least-squares methods for fitting potential energy surfaces: analysis of an application to a five-atom molecule
A. Kawano and G.G. Maisuradze 17-22 Abstract

Thyroid pathologies and alteration of HCO33--ATPase activity
K. Menabde, M. Chipashvili, N. Zaalishvili and N. Koshoridze 23–26 Abstract

Guidelines for authors 27

Guidelines for illustrations 30