The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 7, Number 1


Perfection of contemporary hip joint endoprostheses by using a sapphire-sapphire friction pair
A.G. Mamalis, K.A. Lytvynov, V.A. Filipenko, S.N. Lavrynenko, J.J. Ramsden and P.N. Soukakos 3 Abstract

Amino acid similarities based on side chain terminal group contacts
G. Managadze, B. Vishnepolsky, M. Grigolava and M. Pirtskhalava 7 Abstract

Glutamic acid-based hinges in myosin II
G. Managadze, B. Vishnepolsky and M. Pirtskhalava 15 Abstract

Export of organic compounds from clusters to other organs of the grapevine
L. Beriashvili, M. Tetradze and T. Beriashvili 21Abstract

Normal mode analysis and calculation of the cooling rates of the chromophore vibrations during isomerization of photoactive yellow protein
G.G. Maisuradze, X. Yu and D.M. Leitner 25 Abstract

Guidelines for authors 31

Guidelines for illustrations 34