The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 6, Number 1


A. Fernández Wrapping a hydrogen bond with a molecular force probe: the mechanical equivalent of dehydration propensity pp. 3-8 Abstract

A. Khizanishvili, A. Belokobyl'skii, E. Ginturi, N. Kuchava, A. Rcheulishvili and L. Mosulishvili Effect of adsorption and accumulation of Cd(II) by the blue-green alga Spirulina platensis on the cell growth, viability and physical characteristics pp. 9-14 Abstract

N. Kobakhidze, N. Migineishvili, N. Sultanishvili, M. Mardaleishvili, D. Gamrekeli and M. Shengelia Assessment of the functional state of immunocompetent cells enriched with 3,5-cholestadiene pp. 15-18 Abstract

L. Beriashvili and T. Beriashvili Malic and tartaric acid formation in grapevines pp. 19-24 Abstract

E. Tabuashvili, G. Getashvili, M. Makharadze, L. Tsulukidze, R. Sujashvili and D.E. Khoshtariya Calorimetric studies of the thermal denaturation of salmon sperm DNA in aqueous solutions of urea and guanidinium chloride pp. 25-30 Abstract

G.G. Maisuradze A study of anti-Stokes resonance Raman excitation profiles for ╬▓-carotene and canthaxanthin pp. 31-36 Abstract

A. Kawano and G.G. Maisuradze Interpolated moving least-squares methods for fitting potential energy surfaces: the dependence on coordinate systems for six-dimensional applications pp. 37-44 Abstract

Guidelines for authors
pp. 45-47

Guidelines for illustrations
pp. 48