The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 5, Number 1


Research Articles

M. Dobozi-King, S. Seo, J.U. Kim, R. Young, M. Cheng and L.B. Kish Rapid detection and identification of bacteria: SEnsing of Phage-Triggered Ion Cascade (SEPTIC) pp. 3-7 Abstract

Yu.Ya. Kit, V.A. Kovalyova, A.A. Kim and R.S. Stoika Isolation of raft microdomains from rat brain: a novel fast method based on distribution in a dextran-polyethylenglycol biphasic system pp. 9-12 Abstract

G.P. Gorbenko and Y.A. Domanov Catalytic and mediator-associating properties of glucose oxidase in a liposome medium assayed with methylene blue pp. 13-19 Abstract

N. Migineishvili, N. Kobakhidze and N. Sultanishvili Influence of 6-ketocholestanol on structural-dynamic and functional characteristics of immunocompetent cells pp. 21-24 Abstract

R. Kublashvili, M. Labartkava and D. Ugrekhelidze N-glycosylation of aminobenzoic acids by galactose and rhamnose pp. 25-29 Abstract

D. Pataraya, M. Bagalishvili, M. Kikvidze, L. Basilashvili, M. Gurielidze, T. Chigvinadze and N. Nutsubidze Nitrogenase activity of associative nitrogen fixing microorganisms and their role in maize growth, development and productivity pp. 31-35 Abstract

Technical Note

C. Rembe, A. Dräbenstedt and F. Heimes An accurate new 3D-motion analyser for MEMS and bioMEMS pp. 37-40 Abstract

Guidelines for authors pp. 43-45

Guidelines for illustrations p. 46