The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 4, Number 1


Research Articles

T. Mdzinarashvili, A. Ivanova, M. Khvedelidze, M. Tediashvili, D. Tushishvili, N. Janelidze and G. Mrevlishvili Phage DNA ejection induced by membrane fragments obtained from a host cell pp. 2-6 Abstract

R. Tóth-Boconádi and L. Keszthelyi Further evidence of photocurrent from the illuminated O-intermediate in the bacteriorhodopsin mutant L93A pp. 7-10 Abstract

A.B. Druzhko, S.K. Pirutin, A.R. de Lera, R. Alvarez, S. Alvarez and M. Dominguez 14-fluorobacteriorhodopsin gelatin films: performance at different relative humidities pp. 11-16 Abstract

M. Shamtsyan, E. Afrikian and G. Antranikian Lactic acid batch and fed-batch fermentation directly from starch-containing substrates pp. 17-21 Abstract

I. Mesropyan, M. Kakauridze and J. Monaselidze Temperature steadiness of femoral cartilaginous tissue of patients: a microcalorimetric investigation pp. 22-24 Abstract

T. Barbakadze, E. Zhuravliova, N. Narmania, T. Sanikidze, T. Kekelidze and D. Mikeladze Effects of guanidine analogues of creatine on the formation of reactive oxygen species and viability of primary neuronal/glial cells pp. 25-32 Abstract

G. Managadze, B. Vishnepolsky and M. Pirtskhalava Side chain orientations as a characteristic of native protein structure pp. 33-38 Abstract


E. Chikoidze Optical biopsy—a new method in tumor diagnosis pp. 39-42

M. Zhvania The discovery of the molecular mechanism of cellular secretion pp. 43-45

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