The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry


Volume 3, Number 1



A. Fernández Record reveals simplicity of primeval protein alphabet p. 1

Research Articles

D. Khoshtariya, M. Shushanian, R. Sujashvili, M. Makharadze, E. Tabuashvili and G. Getashvili Enzymatic activity of a-chymotrypsin in the urea-induced molten-globule-like state: a combined kinetic/thermodynamic study pp. 2-10 Abstract

S. Manghani and J. J. Ramsden The efficiency of chemical detectors pp. 11-17 Abstract

K. Natchkebia, N. Natsvlishvili and D. Mikeladze Effect of phencyclidine, MK-801 and dextrorphan on the viability of neuronal/glial cells and expression of NMDA-receptor subunits, PSD-95, nNOS and Ras-GRF1 pp. 18-22 Abstract

M. Garuchava and Ch. Kakhniashvili A method for the determination of 2,4-D and its toxic metabolites in the biosphere pp. 23-26 Abstract

Technical Note

E. Chikoidze, A. Pifferi and R. Cubeddu Characterization of a liquid tissue phantom in the visible region  pp. 27-30 Abstract