The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry

2001, December

Volume 1, Number 2



G. Kvesitadze, M. Gordeziani, G. Khatisashvili, T. Sadunishvili and J.J. Ramsden Some aspects of the enzymatic basis of phytoremediation p. 49 Abstract Full text (PDF)

Research Articles

R. Tóth-Boconádi, S. G. Taneva and L. Keszthelyi Photoexcitation of the O intermediate of bacteriorhodopsin and its mutant E204Q p. 58 Abstract Full text (PDF)

D.G. Khachidze, Y.L. Kalandadze and J.R. Monaselidze Microcalorimetric studies of insulin and Zn(II)-insulin over a wide range of pH and protein concentration p. 64 Abstract Full text (PDF)

J.-M. Chovelon, M. Provence, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, V. Derue, D. Lair, S. Alexandre and J.-M. Valleton Influence of the surface pressure on the organization of mixed Langmuir films of behenic acid and glucose oxidase p. 68 Abstract Full text (PDF)

M. Leladze, E. Nozadze, G. Chkadua and Z. Kometiani The K+-activation of the Mg2+- dependent cycle of Na, K-ATPase p. 76 Abstract Full text (PDF)

A. Fernández and J.J. Ramsden On adsorption-induced denaturation of folded proteins p. 81 Abstract Full text (PDF)

T. Varazashvili, G. Khatisashvili, M. Kurashvili, M. Pruidze, T. Ananiashvili, G. Zaalishvili and M. Gordeziani Nitrobenzene oxidizing enzymes in plant cells p. 85 Abstract Full text (PDF)

D.J. Raine & V. Norris Network structure of metabolic pathways p. 89 Abstract Full text (PDF)


H. Kraft The wobbly garden table p. 95 Full text (PDF)