The Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry

2001, September

Volume 1, Number 1


J.J.Ramsden Editorial pp. 3-4 Full text (PDF)

I. Avalishvili Isomorphism between morphological and functional graphs of the cell and classification of cells by the extensions of graphs pp. 5-9 Abstract Full text (PDF)

A. Fernández Protein folding: coming to terms with cooperativity pp. 10-11 Abstract Full text (PDF)

Z. Kometiani and M. Leladze The Na+,K+-activation of the Mg2+-dependent cycle of Na,K-ATPase pp. 12-18 Abstract Full text (PDF)

M. Leladze, E. Nozadze and Z. Kometiani On the molecular mechanism of Na,K-ATPase isoforms pp. 19-20 Abstract Full text (PDF)

S. Alexandre, C. Lafontaine and J.- M.Valleton Local surface pressure gradients observed during the transfer of mixed behenic acid pentadecanoic acid Langmuir films pp. 21-23 Abstract Full text (PDF)

N. Natsvlishvili, E. Juravliova, D. Dzneladze and D. Mikeladze Haloperidol regulates the binding of guanine nucleotides to synaptic membranes through the NMDA receptor pp. 24-28 Abstract Full text (PDF)

V. Norris and I. Fishov Division in bacteria is determined by hyperstructure dynamics and membrane domains pp. 29-37 AbstractFull text (PDF)

T. Varazashvili, G. Zaalishvili, M.Kurashvili, M.Pruidze and M. Gordeziani Participation of the plant monooxygenase system in adaptation to environmental stress pp. 38-43 Abstract Full text (PDF)

Guidelines to authors pp. 43-45